Welcome to Brasilinform

Founded in 1983, Brasilinform was the first English-language information service on Brazil. It remains today a preferred source of information on Brazil among multinational companies, financial institutions, governments, international agencies and universities.

Initially a newsletter, Brasilinform has evolved into a wide-ranging information service with daily, weekly and monthly services.  No other information provider on Brazil offers the full scope of options available through Brasilinform.  All of our information services are sent by e-mail to facilitate delivery and make sure that our subscribers are always up-to-date on the subjects of interest to them.

Brasilinform's ability to foresee accurately the future course of events in Brazil has won it a worldwide following. The prestigious American magazine GQ praised Brasilinform as "an excellent insider newsletter subscribed to by foreign offices, international banks and other institutions with an interest in risk assessment."

In the past year, our renewal rate was over 94%, a valued testimony to our insistence on quality in information.

The Brasilinform editorial team is headed by Edwin Taylor, a highly respected journalist-writer who for over 30 years has written extensively about Brazil from all of its varied angles‹:  politics, economics, society, history and culture.

If you are interested in any of our three services (Brasilinform Daily Briefing, Brasilinform Newsletter, and Brasilinform Special Report), please see our Subscribe page and request a free trial, or a full subscription.