The Brasilinform Daily Briefing is the only source of daily economic and political analyses on Brazil in English making it essential reading for companies doing business in this key market. Each day, subscribers receive a three- to four-page analysis of the previous day's developments containing detailed, up-to-the minute news and information. The Daily Briefing is sent overnight by e-mail and is waiting for you when you arrive at work.

The Briefing analyzes the immediate impact on your business of developments as they occur.  In each Briefing, you will find essential information on economic performance, finance, industrial activity, political risk, the business environment and new legislation that is likely to have an impact on your business.

Through the Briefing, we offer our subscribers an accurate and reliable interpretation of daily events in Brazil. We don't just say what has happened, we explain it and put it into perspective. We also alert our subscribers to what is coming and provide information not available from other sources.

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